EU/US players wanted for casual gaming ! :D (23+)

EU/US players wanted for casual gaming ! :D (23+)

If anyone wants to join a discord server ( Norsemen - VikingZ By Blood ) for some casual gaming, to meet up after the daily duties for some Fun, Blood and Gore. feel free to jump in!

i started a discord server with a friend of mine some time ago with great success, and decided to do it again to have multiple places to go to. its still under construction but we are launching it today to start recruiting people.

this is a server for everyone and everything, whether you like to play scum, sea of thieves, pubg, siege, etc. or just want to have a place to hang out and meet new people. this is not just for gaming, you can also show your creativity in different hobbies whether you are an artist of graphics, or like to sing, if you are a youtuber, streamer and so on. we will adjust the server as people join, to make it fit their personal preferences.

I hope to see you soon <3

Kindest Regards - Bugzy