/r/gamingnews needs more mods!

/r/gamingnews needs more mods!

Hello, everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, we only have one mod on this subreddit. I check a few times a day to weed out reports and filter out some of the spam, but we could really use additional mods on this subreddit if we're going to get a bigger community.

Anyone who wishes to be a mod should send a request to the sub moderators. Here's a few beneficial things that will help in choosing more mods:

  • An active community member
  • Has some form of previous mod experience on Reddit
  • CSS knowledge
  • Is at least active daily on reddit

I was never a mod before this subreddit, so I'm not holding it against anyone who hasn't been a mod elsewhere on Reddit, but having knowledge of Automoderator and basic mod functions is always helpful.

I'll leave this post up for a few days and start looking over any messages this weekend.