The Benefits of Gaming And How to Maximize Them

The Benefits of Gaming And How to Maximize Them

Hello everyone!

I made a video on the benefits of playing videogames and also included how you can reap more benefits from your gaming habit. What do you guys think? In the first half of the video i discuss some of the proven benefits of playing videogames, like how it improves cognitive function as well as working memory - which is actually really good for academics like math and language. I then proceed to some tweaks and changes you can do to make your gaming habit more "productive" like listen to informative stuff (podcast etc) while playing or choose games with beneficial information (simulators) and even to the more difficult path of monetizing your gaming through YT or twitch.

I just got this idea in my head on how to make gaming a "productive" thing and if there are any ways to make it more beneficial and decided to make this video since it seemed like no one has made one before.

And before i get clowned i also understand that gaming is not like studying or working out - it is something you do because its fun and its relaxing and its instant - not delayed gratification but i just thought it was an exciting topic.

Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out: