Grand Tour- Jeremy Clarkson and the Lancia ‘Stratos’ NO!

<Spoiler> Grand Tour- Jeremy Clarkson and the Lancia ‘Stratos’ NO!

Spoiler alert:Do not read if ahead- if you HAVEN’T seen Episode 12/S3 on Amazon( release date- 03/29/2019)

—-——-— If you are reading ahead- it means you have already watched this episode

So- I just watched the new Grand Tour episode of Jeremy Clarkson driving the new Lancia ‘stratos’ and i personally think its a complete Sham of a segment.

They build up the entire segment with Nostalgia- and the craziness of the Lancia- of the 70s

But he ends up driving an absolute Kit car- with just a fucking Badge.

The guys who ‘built’ the car LITERALLY cut a Ferrari 430 smaller- welded it together, upgraded the Ferrari engine, and some other after market parts

It literally has NOTHING from a Stratos or Lancia.

Except the shape and badges.

I mean WTF? How is different than any other guy( or group) building a project car and then just putting a Civic/Scion/whatever body to it?

And then Clarkson goes on rambling about how ‘ unpredictable’ - Just like the old one was

Again! WHAT the fUck? Its a Kit car- that has Shit handling and this old man just compared its total unpredictability as Nostalgic older Lancia cars? ITS not a fucking Lancia!!

And its priced Probably in the millions( when he mentions like a big house)

Are you fucking serious?

Sorry- Clarkson-you are totally nuts- you seem to be one of the dumb demographic this car was meant to be sold to- and thats just foolish- its not even the real thing in any form except looks. And i felt foolish for watching it cause i couldn’t fathom you didn’t get its a kit car.

It would have been appreciated more if the guys just made it under their own name/brand-but they hijacked the name of a very famous and highly relevant/nostalgic car- esp for the boomers.

And then again- on doing so- they would be just like any other guys( who build their own car) and never be put on a show like Grand Tour.

But they were smart- took the name/body- and then Clarkson and team picked it up- and lo- behold- a kit car got the attention of millions of viewers without breaking a sweat.

Clarkson is a fucking idiot for not seeing the obvious. Kinda makes one question what else dumb shit he falls for easily.

And the group have become totally irrelevant using absolute dumb tactics and fakeness in every episode- nothing about the car( like it used to be in the old Top Gear.

Chris Harris is Def better as a Car enthusiast- seems like he def likes his cars more then these 3- and is able to portray it very well.

This was just a dumb segment- having no relation or relevance to the original car.

Too bad. I used to like clarkson and group- seems like i was just holding on to the older days of Top Gear. I used to appreciate the humor- when it was meant be humorous.

This segment was not that- it was a ‘true feeling’ of clarkson.

Which is just based on dumb shit.

The show def lost viewership- and its very evident now.

/rant over