Saturday, September 21, 2019

What's your opinion on Bruce Willis these days?

What's your opinion on Bruce Willis these days?

He only accepts movies if he only has to work for 1 day, everything else must be done by his stunt double.

He was promised $3m for 4 days of shooting for The Expendables 3, he responded with 3 not being enough, asking for $4m. Stallone fired him, hired Harrison Ford instead and tweeted about how happy he was about that.

He is considered a chore to work with and raised next to people like Megan Fox.

Aside from Expendables/ arguably Unbreakable, he wasn't part of any memorable movie/moment in over a decade. The jobs he takes are laughable at best, and worst movie ever made-material at worst (Reprisal). His acting seems often flat and uninterested, he is mumbling all over the place and by now I'm not even sure if he deserves the overwhelming praise he gets for his old, successful movies.

If he wants to be part of shitty amateur films and overcharge endlessly without doing anything, that's his right to do so. But if you add that most well-known professionals don't even want to work with him anymore and he also believes he is somehow above everyone else (while I can name at least 1 action movie by literally every other successful actor in the same genre which is better than any of his movies), I begin to spot a problem.

What do you think? Did Bruce ruin his reputation by now or do his accomplishments from the past justify his actions? Is he a lazy fuck or a financial genius? Do you still watch movies just because he's in them?