Saturday, October 5, 2019

History behind how Disney+ has all those 80s/90s Marvel animated shows. Woah.

History behind how Disney+ has all those 80s/90s Marvel animated shows. Woah.

Marvel was mainly a comic book company and had no animation studio. So they licensed their characters to other studios to create shows based on them. So the question is that, if Marvel didn't own their shows before being purchased by Disney then how come we can see those shows on Disney+. Well following is the history in quick bullets regarding how Disney came to own those shows.

DePatie–Freleng/Marvel Produtions/New Wold

  • DePatie–Freleng Enterprises produced the Spider-Woman (1979) show.
  • Marvel Entertainment acquired DePatie–Freleng in 80s and renamed its studio to Marvel Productions.
  • Marvel Productions produced Spider-Man (1981), Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981) and Incredible Hulk (1982)
  • New World, an independent media company then acquired Marvel Productions in late 80s and renamed Marvel Productions to New World Animation.
  • New World Animation produced Spider-Man (1994), F4 (1994) and Iron Man (1994)
  • Fox then acquired New World in mid 90s.

Saban Entertainment

  • Saban Entertainment produced X-Men (1994)

Fox Family Worldwide (New World and Saban)

  • Saban and Fox Kids merged and created a new JV named Fox Family worldwide. So it now owned the following
    • Saban Entertainment studio
    • New World Animation library
    • Fox Kids Network
  • Saban Entertainment then produced Silver Surfer (1998), Spider-Man Unlimited (1999) and Avengers United they Stand (1999)
  • Disney then acquired the Fox Family Worldwide (Saban Entertainment Studio, New World Animation library and Network). Disney later named this company ABC Family and renamed the network to Freeform.

So that is why we can see all those Marvel's 70s/80s/90s shows on Disney+. Woah isnt this interesting? If so many mergers hadn't happened in the past then just like pre-MCU movies being owned by non-Disney studios like Sony (Raimi Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man), Fox (acquired by Disney too!!), Lionsgate (Manthing, Punisher), NewLine (Blade), Universal (Hulk), these animated shows would've also been owned by non-Disney companies and we wouldn't be seeing them on Disney+.