Wednesday, October 30, 2019

/r/Gadgets is looking for new moderators! Apply inside!

/r/Gadgets is looking for new moderators! Apply inside!

r/Gadgets is now recruiting additional moderators! Our current modteam is stretched thin, composed of 4 humans and 2 bots to handle over 14.7 million subscribers.

Moderator candidates should have a minimum account age of 1 year, with a clear history of level-headed, civil behavior. Moderators should have a willingness to check the Unmoderated links and modqueue on a frequent basis (several times per day), as well as regularly checking comments to keep the discussion civil. Being active in the moderation queue is especially important for this role.

Already being an active contributor to r/gadgets will boost your chances, but is not a requirement. Similarly, previous moderation experience is strongly preferred but not essential.

Ready to Apply? Apply Here!