Sunday, October 20, 2019

Would Disney+ ever add content/icons for 20th Century Fox, FX, ABC, Fox Searchlight and BlueSky brands along with Pixar, Marvel, StarWars and NatGeo to make it more varied, diverse, all-rounded and complete?

Would Disney+ ever add content/icons for 20th Century Fox, FX, ABC, Fox Searchlight and BlueSky brands along with Pixar, Marvel, StarWars and NatGeo to make it more varied, diverse, all-rounded and complete?

Disney+'s Home page with all Disney's tv/content brands

As Disney+ is highlighting Disney's popular content brands by having icons for Marvel, Pixar, NatGeo and StarWars on its Home screen. Though it has a potential to become huge, but it's obvious that Netflix and HBO Max have a more varied content (Kids, YA, Adults and mature) and will have something for everyone. Disney+'s only weakness (if there is any) seems like that they are limiting their scope due to becoming so called "family friendly" in nature. But their bundle with Hulu really becomes huge. But Hulu and its content is in a separate app.

Lets say Disney+ adds the following icons/content along with the existing ones. Main bullets can be the icons/tabs in Home screen like Marvel/Pixar/StarWars/Disney/NatGeo and sub-bullets are the content under those icons/tabs

  • 20th Century Fox
    • 20th Century Fox movies from 1920s-present. (i.e Titanic, Planet of Apes, Avatar, Bohemian Rhapsody, Martian, independence day)
    • 20th Century Fox TV shows from from 1940s-present. (i.e How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, X-Files)
    • Fox 2000 movies. (i.e Life of Pi)
    • 20th Century Fox Animation movies (i.e Simpsons Movie and Fantastic Mr. Fox)
    • Fox Animation Studios content (i.e Anastasia)
    • Fox21 studios shows from 2000s-present. (i.e Homeland of Showtime)
    • Fox Television Animation shows from 1989-present (i.e Family Guy, Simpsons)
    • All the other content which they have through various acquisitions or of other mature labels that the owned like New World Entertainment, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Metromedia, MTM Enterprises and many others
  • FX
    • FX Productions shows produced from 1990s-present. Thats the only brand Disney has, that comes remotely near to HBO as far as prestigious tv content is concerned.
  • ABC
    • ABC Studios shows from 1980s-present
    • ABC Signature Studios shows from 2010s-present
    • All shows produced by original or past studios owned by ABC from 1960s?-1990s?
    • All the other content that they own due to ABC ownership (Freeform, Muppets and many others)
  • Fox Searchlight
    • Movies from 1990s-present. Soon entering into TV Production.
  • Blue Sky Studios
    • Ice Age, Rio and others.

And compare this with what they already are trying to put on Disney+

  • Disney
    • Walt Disney Pictures films from 1930s-present
    • Walt Disney Animation Studios movies/shorts from 1920s-present
    • Disney Live Action Tv shows from 1980s-present
    • Its a Laugh Productions shows from 2000s-present
    • Disney Television Animation Tv shows from 1980s-present.
    • Disney Toon Studios content
    • Disneynature content
  • Marvel
    • Marvel Animation content from 2008-present
    • Marvel Television content from 2010-pesent
    • Marvel Studios content from 1990s-present
    • All the other past or non-MCU related animated or live action marvel content that they own.
  • Pixar
  • NatGeo
  • Star Wars

I'm excluding the following content.

  • ESPN: Sports content
  • STAR: Indian/Asian content
  • Marvel Comics: Comic books huge catalogue from 1930s-present. DC Universe has comic and tv/movie content which maybe Disney+ can exploit in future.
  • Hulu: Hulu originals
  • A&E networks & History networks: Content that they own 50% (i.e Netflix's YOU)

And ofcourse they wont only have back catalogue content. All of their content brands (Disney, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, NatGeo, FX, ABC) will continue to produce new diverse exclusive content for Disney+.

What would your view be about this service then?

Will it become a true challenger of Netflix/HBO Max as far as variety of content is concerned?

Can this then become the one true most attractive and popular service for consumers?

Should Disney add child control so that parents can block children from looking at mature content?

Any other thoughts?

I understand that BlueSky brand doesn't have a huge content. But Pixar also doesnt have a content volume (they do have quality). Blue Sky can be used as experimental animated studio for Disney too. They can also incorporate Fox's BabyTv content under this. Anyways, this post is not for this. Similarly Fox Searchlight is considered a prestigious brand and you can see that its totally separate from other Fox studios as far as production, distribution and ever other thing is concerned.