Saturday, November 9, 2019

Weekly Roundup | GamingonPhone | Post #1

Weekly Roundup | GamingonPhone | Post #1

Hello, fellow Gamers! GamingonPhone (a small website for mobile gamers) is here with its first Weekly roundup of news and updates. So let's see what happened in this week in Mobile Gaming space. We tried our best to cover as much as possible. However, we may miss something.

News & Updates

Diablo Immortal release is delayed: Blizzard posted in their development update that the release will take time. According to Blizzard, the game is yet to reach their quality standard. Full details here.

Supercell confirmed Town Hall 13: Clash of Clans will see another new town hall addition, Town Hall 13. A video was posted on various social media handles which confirms the arrival of Th13 in this December. So December update is going to be huge for the Clashers! Full details here.

Supercell is closing Rush Wars: Another big news from Supercell. Before they release Rush Wars globally, they are killing it in its beta phase. This purely signifies their motto of "Quality over Quantity". The game failed to meet Supercell's quality standards. Full details here.

Dataminers found Zombie comic in Call of Duty Mobile game files: Yes, a full-fledged real zombie comic has been found in the Call of Duty Mobile game files. It consists of 10 pages and based on a post-apocalyptic era. The article has the full comic in it. Read it here.

Zombies are coming in Call of Duty Mobile: Activision confirmed the arrival of Zombies in this November. More teasers related to Zombies will be posted as the release approaches, which is most likely to happen with season 2. Full details here.

Activision confirmed Controller Support is coming: In the November community update, Activision officially confirmed the arrival of controller support in the game. However, when it is coming they have given no clue. It is in the final stage as per the statement. Read the full story here.

Mobile Legends Championship Qualified Teams have been announced: The first-ever MLBB world championship is going to start soon in Axiata Arena, Malaysia. It will start from November 11 and continue until November 17th. The Prizepool is $250. Full details here.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 has arrived: The 10th season of PUBG Mobile is now live in the game. The theme for this season is "Fury of the Wasteland". S10 is bringing companion, a new character 'Sara' and many more! (Sorry, we could not do the full coverage)

PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split South Asian Regional Finals are now live: The Fall Split SA Regional tournament is now live in KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, Delhi, India. From 24 teams, 16 teams have been selected. Top 2 to get direct entry into PMCO Fall Split Global finals. 3rd, 4th and 5th will play the PMCO FAll Split Global qualifiers. Details here.

FIFA Mobile 20 Scream Team event is now live: EA brought another PvP event in the game. Players with efficient vs attack matches can grab some great rewards in a short span of time. Full details here.

The Great Goblin Feast in Clash Royale is happening: Season 5 of Clash Royale has been named as The Great Goblin Feast. The theme is based on Goblins. Full details here.

AFK Arena update 1.27: New update of AFK arena is bringing 2 new heroes Izold - The Forgotten Champion and Tidus - The Shadowmane. The update is also bringing a new voyage and more. Full details here.


As it is not possible to summarize the guides in 2-4 lines, I'll just name the titles of the Guides.

  • Golf Blitz Guide: 10 different ways to skip being a beginner. Read here.
  • Game of Sultans Guide: Vizier training strategy. Read here.
  • How to change the name in Call of Duty Mobile. Read here.
  • Clash Royale Guide: Strategies for Tiebreaker. Read here.
  • Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Tips for ranking up faster in Ranked. Read here.

We hope this short information will be useful for many. As this is the first post, please feel free to let us know if we can improve it anyway. Be it the content or the presentation. :)