Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Christmas present Powerbank-conundrum

A Christmas present Powerbank-conundrum

Hi r/gadgets. As the title suggests, I've got a bit of a gift-conundrum.

For Christmas this year, I got two 20.000 mAh Powerbanks for my mobile phone, as two separate members of the family had the same great idea, to expand my mobile (which I am - as they put it - glued to) 's battery life. So now, I' m trying to figure out which to keep, and which to exchange for another gadget.

Now, the first one is a Goobay 20.0 Powerbank, which boasts three output ports, of 2.0 Amps and 5 V A 3.7 V Lithium-Polymer Akku battery of max. 20.000 mAh

While the other is a hoco. Model: B31B Also 20.000 mAh Two 2.1 A, 5V USB outputs, As well as "ABS + PC Flame Retardent Material" It doesn't say on the box, (and this specifik one doesn't appear on their website either) but judging from the other Powerbanks that they sell, the battery is a Lithium-ion 18650

Neither of them are brands that I'm familiar with, and apparently to me, the only difference is the battery type, but I cant really tell which is better. Are there some obvious details I'm missing? Are anyone familiar with the brands, maybe and could give some insight?

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