Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Question about battery life and my new phone

Question about battery life and my new phone


I bought myself LG G7 from "Allegro", polish site with mostly(but not only) used stuff, smartphone is supposed to be new and I'm told it comes with manufacturer's guarantee. I'm mentioning all of this because my phone came 100% charged which I found quite unusual, very occasionally, mostly during unlocking, it seems to have a 0,5-1sec lag which I also find strange for a brand new phone, a plasticy packaging it was in right out of the box was also unsealed I think now that I recall to that moment(though I'm not sure so we'll never know I guess) and it had no things to peel off on it, basically, did I get scammed?

I also checked IMEI code and site said this phone is: Device age 1 year(s) 5 month(s) 8 day(s), but I don't know if it actually means anything useful, my guess would be that it doesn't but better mention it than not

With that out of the way, I started looking for some guides how to treat a new battery, assuming that the one I have is really new, I only found tips like never discharge fully, don't charge over 80%, start charging when it drops down to 10-15%. LG's official UK site had little guide what to do and not. At the end they wrote this:


It is recommended to calibrate the battery once every 3 months (if you often use the device). This procedure involves a fully dishcharged battery.

Use the gadget until the battery is fully discharged.

Then wait six hours and fully recharge the battery.

When the battery reaches 100%, leave the device connected to the power supply for 2 hours.

At this point the battery has been properly calibrated and the device is ready for normal use."

Is this a good advice? If it is then I guess I should do it